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Scientific Detection: Meade and Eustace,

Arthur B. Reeve and Others


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While Golden Age mystery fiction largely shows little interest in science, perhaps the majority of detective stories of the Doyle era paid tribute to science and technology. Science was in fact part of the very genre of detective fiction, in many people's eyes.  In both Britain and the US, some authors wrote stories that focused primarily on Scientific Detection.

Arthur B. Reeve

The Black Hand - Short Story - 6th story in collection

The Exploits of Elaine - Novel

The Film Mystery - Novel

The Master Mystery - Novel

Robert Eustace and L. T. Meade

The Mystery of the Felwyn Tunnel - Short story - Section 2

The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings - Novel

A Master of Mysteries - Short story collection

Samuel Hopkins Adams

The B-Flat Trombone - Short story - 6th story in collection

P. G. Wodehouse

Death at the Excelsior - Short story - 1st story in collection

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- A Hayworth-Queen Cornerstone

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