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The Realism School
E.C. Bently, R.A. Freeman, etc.


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There is a school of detectival realism, whose authors are British writers flourishing during the Golden Age (1920 - 1955?). These include the apparent founder, R. Austin Freeman, his disciple Freeman Wills Crofts, A. Fielding (who is really the pseudonym of a woman, Dorothy Fielding), the husband and wife team of G.D.H. and M. Cole, Henry Wade, Milward Kennedy, Richard Keverne, and H.M. Richardson. In addition, M. Cole's brother, Raymond Postgate, was also a mystery writer, and his works may have some ties here. (Mike Grost)  These stories focus on detection from physical evidence, alibis, and realistic portrayals of the inner workings of institutions, among other things.  They avoided melodrama, international conspiracies and super criminals.

E. C. Bently

Trentís Last Case (The Woman in Black) - Novel

Earl Derr Biggers

The Agony column - Novel

R. Austin Freeman

The Blue Sequin - Short story - 1st story in collection

The Eye of Osiris - Novel

The Moabite Cipher - Short story - 7th story in collection

The Red Thumb Mark - Novel

The Stranger's Latchkey - Short story - 2nd story in collection

The Uttermost Farthing - Novel

Dorothy L. Sayers

Whose Body? - Novel


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